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Secondary Resources

This section contains locally developed RSE/PSHE education curriculum materials for secondary schools including Sex & Relationships Education (SRE) and Drug Education.  We have also collated various materials from other reputable sources and providers across a range of themes which are  included within this section.


As RSE education is now a mandatory subject, the team is able to support schools in creating an individually tailored RSE/PSHE curriculum via consultancy and planning support.  Ofsted recommends that schools provide a ‘broad and balanced’ curriculum which meets the needs of their pupils, so it is important that schools are aware of those current resources which offer this.  School should also be mindful of the latest Ofsted school inspection framework, as much of the evidence required by Ofsted is heavily linked to Personal Development which is provided by an effective and well-planned RSE/PSHE curriculum.


We hope that you find these resources useful.  Please contact Amanda Evans for more support around PSHE education provision, should you need it.

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