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Data & Reports

Within this section colleagues will find relevant data and research on subjects pertinent to the health and wellbeing agenda, including many of those covered within RSE/PSHE education.  In order to develop an effective and appropriate RSE/PSHE offer, it is important that schools are aware of key data for their own school, their community and Wolverhampton as a city. This will help them to shape their curriculum to meet any specific needs pupils might have. 


One of the key local sources of information for both the LA and schools about local children and young people has been the Health Related Behaviour Survey (HRBS).  This section contains a folder which has all the archived ‘public facing’ reports and documents since this biennial city-wide pupil lifestyle survey from 2012 to 2022.  


Further information about HRBS is available via Howard Jobber  


Additional data reports are available for all schools in Wolverhampton which identify key public health issues that are relevant to your school, local community and city ward.


To access your school's copy of this Public Health school data profile, please contact Howard Jobber

Useful links to data and research sources:

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