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Improving PSHE Education
Campaigns & Events

During the 2022/23 academic year the Public Health team at City of Wolverhampton Council will be focusing specific activities and campaigns related to a number of health priorities.

These campaigns will link to those on the national campaigns calendar, coordinating activities across social platforms and in person to raise awareness of the targeted campaigns. During autumn term we will be focusing on campaigns such as Stoptober, anti-bullying week and vaccinations, the full list of priority campaigns for the academic year can be seen in the graphic hosted on the page (to the left).

We will be encouraging schools within the city to get involved in these campaigns through a number of ways to raising awareness of their importance and how and where support can be accessed both locally and nationally. Local insight has identified these topical areas as a high priority, following the data received from the recent Health Related Behaviour Survey (HRBS), School Nurse consultation as well as local insight via PH fingertips. To access resources or further support on how these campaigns can be introduced into your settings please contact Amanda Evans -

A full list of national campaigns can be found via the 'campaigns 2022/23' tab that you may also want to support and raise awareness of within your settings. 


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