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November 2019 saw the first PSHE/RSE Lead Teacher newsletter. Spring half term has gone out first week of January with links to relevant curriculum resources attached to National Days of Awareness. If you have any PSHE/RSE work you would like to celebrate in the newsletter or on this space please send in a word document attachment with pictures if possible to


We aim to keep this website updated, in line with statutory guidance on Relationships Education, RSE and Health Education and with the new Ofsted framework - to help ensure that you are meeting the needs of your pupils, school and wider community. 


Please look in the events and training area of this website for a wide range of primary, secondary, SEN quality assured  PSHE related  training offers. Many of the  courses are free to access so please check regularly. Also in this section is information about RSE pilot projects and competitions that your school can be involved in.




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