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Policies & Guidance Documents

The information and guidance on policies and practice within this section is taken from a range of sources, including national associations and agencies, DfE and local organisations. Policies and processes should always be specific to a schools own individual settings and their needs and requirements, so the information contained within this section is simply included to help schools to create appropriate policies which are ‘fit for purpose’.


Policies should always reflect the practice within a setting, and this is especially applicable in those that relate to RSE/PSHE education as the subject covers a wide range of potentially sensitive topics for the whole-school community. This is why consultation should form a cornerstone of any policy, so that there is an opportunity to engage with pupils, parents and teachers in order to ensure that a final policy is inclusive, meets the needs of all stakeholders and reflects the practice within a school.


The team offers a policy review and development service to assist schools with a number of RSE/PSHE and health and wellbeing related policies including but not limited to:

  • PSHE policy

  • RSE / SRE Policy

  • Drug Education policy

  • Whole School Food policy

  • Anti Bullying policy


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